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How Debt Negotiation Works

Financial problems are not new in America, and as more U.S. citizens are finding themselves weighed down by the burden of debt, they are unable to find any recourse to help deal with these pressing financial issues. Families can crumble when debt goes unmitigated, but filing for bankruptcy is an option to be avoided if possible.

When you contact some credit card debt settlement companies, there may be several steps you'll need to take before anyone can help. The process at Financial Solutions of America is pretty simple:

1. Get a free consultation.

Set up an appointment for a consultation with one of our financial specialists, who will review your debt balance, budget, and spending habits with you to learn more about your financial circumstances.

2. Create a personalized payment plan.

We will coordinate with you to set a goal amount to be deposited into a settlement account and work out a payment plan that fits your needs. Typically this will mean a monthly, flat-rate, lump-sum payment to be divided among your creditors.

3. Let us deal with your creditors.

At Financial Solutions of America, our representatives have built a network with many creditors that allows us to negotiate a lower obligatory amount. Depending on your debt amount, it may be possible to reach a solution in as little as a few months; regardless, we will work to reach a settlement amount that is within your means, as we have done for many of our clients in the past.

4. Pay off your reduced balance.

Your monthly payments will remain at a flat rate until your debt has been paid. Once the necessary funds are in your settlement account, Financial Solutions of America will pay your creditors the negotiated amount and you will officially be free of that debt.

Benefits of Our Credit Card Debt Negotiation Process

While debt settlement can affect your credit score, it is often significantly less than bankruptcy or debt consolidation. With the help of Financial Solutions of America, you can expect compassionate counseling services from certified debt specialists who will work to get you out of debt as quickly as possible.

Our debt counselors will help you navigate the difficult financial waters. Since many Americans face daily monetary difficulties, Financial Solutions of America strives to make debt settlement as painless as possible. We will develop a customized program for you, designed to help you save money and realign your financial situation to match your budgetary needs. We pride ourselves on being a credit card debt settlement company that is truly committed to helping individuals and their families escape bankruptcy and navigate the debt recovery landscape.

Although credit card debt negotiation can be a painful, time-consuming process for many individuals, Financial Solutions of America is here to help you deal with your debt and provide a workable solution to your financial woes, so you can get back to enjoying life.

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